Website Re-Launch
Oct 2017

Sayth Stone (aka Epicollector)

Escape from the Warpstorm:
Rejoice fellow epic followers, after a significant separation in the Warp - I have returned to the hobby.

And a wonderful time to return it is. Games Workshop has matured and developed more of their universe. I have three focused objectives for the website now that I have migrated the site to a new service provider.

1) Compile the most comprehensive photo catalog of epic miniatures on the web. I have a good start, and have most of the miniatures made by GW, including rare prototypes and limited edition models.

2) Educate visitors about the history of epic and differences between the versions produced by Games Workshop.

3) Produce additional game aids and house rules to mold epic to more closely reflect the current Warhammer 40,000 universe. My past passion for 2nd edition is strong, however I also like the game mechanics of Epic Armageddon.

Stay tuned for new material and photos!