Most Epic models are a challenge to convert, due to their size. This section will present my current or finished conversion projects. I hope this will inspire you to tinker with your own models! All registered trademarks on this page belong to Games Workshop
The Banelord Titan

The horrific Chaos Titans evoke fear in the enemy as they advance. Of the chaos powers, Khorne® is the master of war and deadliest of opponents. A fitting tribute would be a special conversion of his dedicated Warlord Titan, - the Banelord™.

The Chassis: This model is based the MKII metal Warlord Titan. The metal Banelord™ accessories were attached, with some modifications. The distance between the banner poles was reduced to mount onto the carapace. Wood dowel spacers were placed to both ower the arms and provide a gap between the feet and legs.

Chaos Armor: Puddy filler was used to make spikes on the titan's body. The tube was left out to allow the puddy to dry slightly before applying it with a small metal clay-shaping tool.

Additional Work: The model will be painted, new banners printed and attached, and the void base will be replaced with a flat one.