The Gorgon model started out as an engineering tank, laying and clearing mine fields. In second edition Space Marine® this tank's function was altered into being a heavily armored troop carrier. Games Workshop® released 2 new models, but they lack the size to force admiration like other Imperial Superheavies. Now I've converted a MKII Gorgon into a beefier transport by combining it with a newer Baneblade® model. All trademarks on this page belong to Games Workshop®.

Making a new Gorgon Troop Transport

MODELS: This conversion requires a MKII Gorgon model and a MKII Baneblade model.

TOOLS: Miniature hacksaw and guide, rotary tool and bits for grinding, hobby knife, clay modeling tools (pin vise optional) air filter mask and safety glasses. Protective mat for working surface and rubber lined bench clamp helpful.

MATERIALS: Modeling puddy, glue.

STEP 1: I used the hacksaw to make precision cuts on the Gorgon. I removed the blade, actuators, and mine launchers.

STEP 2: I used the grinder and files to plane the back of the blade. Also I planed the sides and rear of the body.

STEP 3: I Made a V-cut on the rear of the Baneblade. This rear section matched up with the rear of the Gorgon body.

STEP 4: Those two parts were glued together.

STEP 5: I shortened the Baneblade tracks by taking out the section for the sponsons. I used the track wheels as guides (so they will be consistant throughout the track).

STEP 6: I glued the end sections together, insuring that the track is still even.

STEP 7: I grounded off the guides on the insides of the tracks so the Gorgon body would fit flush.

STEP 8: I glued the tracks and blade onto the body of the tank. The tracks were placed evenly, and behind the blade.

STEP 9: Glue the actuators onto the sides of the turret. File where necessary to make a clean fit.

STEP 10: Glue the mine launchers onto the top of the track sections.

STEP 11: Fill in gaps with puddy. Now the model is ready to prime.

Now the model can be respectively placed in the superheavy category, fit to carry 5 infantry squads into battle. A command version could vary in design.