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CHAOS GREATER DAEMONS: Advanced rules for Chaos Daemons.
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The following game aids are adaptions to incorporate units of new Warhammer 40,000 models or proposed advance rules for existing models within Space Marine (2nd edition of Epic).


The Lords of Tzeentch: New Greater Daemon choices for your Chaos Force. VER-1.0 (320kb)


The Legio Cybernetica: Robots of the Imperium. VER-1.0 (504kb)

Destroyer & Thunderer Tanks: Leman Russ Tank variants. VER-1.0 (496kb)


Tau Pathfinder Sosaku'tai: Tau Scouts and Devilfish Tanks. VER-1.1 (344kb)

Tau Fire Warrior Bunk'en: Tau Fire Warrior and Devilfish Tanks. VER-1.0 (416kb)

Tau Hammerhead Sent'ai: Tau Hammerhead Tanks. VER-1.0 (468kb)